Chef Ferran Adrià anuncia parceria com a Pepsi!

A C.E.O. da PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi, e o chef Ferran Adrià, no El Bulli.      Crédito: PepsiCo.

Não sei bem o que pensar, nem o que dizer sobre a notícia muito surpreendente da
parceria do chef Ferran Adrià com a Pepsi. Vou ter que me dar uns dias para digerir, confesso. Enquanto isso, reproduzo trechos de um "blog" da Pepsi, que procura explicar melhor o porquê do acordo:

"What a great way to start this blog!  Today we have had the pleasure of being around two impressive figures: first, our CEO and Chairman Indra Nooyi and, on the other, the world’s best chef, Ferran Adrià.
Both have been in a joint workshop on the premises of El Bulli (...).

Adrià has been linked to PepsiCo for a while through earlier successful partnerships in which PepsiCo received advice on the creation of such products as Lay’s Craft 100% olive oil or cream Alvalle.
Now the agreement is an even more enriching international cooperation, including all PepsiCo brands worldwide. Adrià, who describes himself as an artist, shared his passion with Indra and her team at the session. “While I know think they have a chef in front, I am expressing myself using the language of an artist in the kitchen,” he said.

From this philosophy, the prestigious Chef will create new snack products, more choices for breakfast, and will share samples, food trends and observations from around the world, expanding PepsiCo’s portfolio of healthier products. "

Cuma?! Primeiro, a tradução do espanhol está sofrível - grave para uma empresa desse porte e dessa reputação. Segundo, não entendi a lógica.... A blogueira escreve que "filosofia" segundo a qual Adrià é um artista (!!) o permitirá criar para a multinacional lanches novos?! Hãn?! Repita?!

Santo Deus.

A leitora (e xará) Alexandra deixou comentário dizendo "a parceria anunciada não foi com a marca Pepsi, mas sim com a empresa PepsiCo (dona da Pepsi, mas também da Elma Chips, Coqueiro, Lays, Quaker, etc)". Sim, Alexandra, isso mesmo. Eu digo Pepsi porque é como a empresa é mais conhecida, mas refiro-me à gigante dona dessas outras marcas que você cita. As maiores marcas da PepsiCo. são Quaker, Tropicana, Gatorade, e Frito-Lay (batatas chips).

E mais chef Ferran Adrià no Boa Vida, neste link.

Abaixo, o press release, na íntegra:

Ferran Adria, whose restaurant El Bulli in Spain has been named best in the world five times by Restaurant Magazine, will work with PepsiCo to help develop new methods and concepts for creative food innovation. This partnership follows an existing successful relationship between the two parties which began in 2005 and involved Chef Adria's consultation on PepsiCo Spain's Alvalle brand of chilled vegetable soups and Lay's Artesanas 100% olive oil among others.
Ferran Adria will share creative principles, methods, procedures and techniques in order to assist PepsiCo in the creation of new snackable foods, breakfast options and convenience alternatives. He will help to inspire PepsiCo's product development team by sharing samples, food trends and observations from around the world.

One specific area of focus for the partnership will be exploring the culinary arts to enable PepsiCo to broaden its portfolio of healthier choices. This includes developing taste enhancement ingredients and natural preserving techniques in order to reduce the use of fat and oil in current products, therefore making them healthier.

Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo Chairman and CEO, explained, "PepsiCo has had a long standing reputation for food innovation and this partnership, with arguably the best chef in the world, will enable us to move further forward with new creative concepts and ideas. We will also share our own creative principles and ideas, developed over our 46 year history, in order to help assist Ferran Adria with his mission to create a world leading gastronomic think tank and research facility in the future."
Ferran Adria said, "It is an honor for us, as well as a challenge, to be able to work so closely with a food company as important as PepsiCo and, most especially, with its extraordinary R&D teams around the world. This is certainly an enriching experience for both parties, from which we hope to obtain interesting results from our joint task, where El Bulli will provide its historic know-how regarding high level gastronomy as well as other areas of the food business."

About PepsiCo
PepsiCo offers the world's largest portfolio of billion-dollar food and beverage brands, including 19 different product lines that generate more than $1 billion in annual retail sales each. Our main businesses -- Quaker, Tropicana, Gatorade, Frito-Lay, and Pepsi Cola -- also make hundreds of other enjoyable and wholesome foods and beverages that are respected household names throughout the world. With net revenues of approximately $60 billion, PepsiCo's people are united by our unique commitment to sustainable growth by investing in a healthier future for people and our planet, which we believe also means a more successful future for PepsiCo. We call this commitment Performance with Purpose: PepsiCo's promise to provide a wide range of foods and beverages for local tastes; to find innovative ways to minimize our impact on the environment, including by conserving energy and water usage, and reducing packaging volume; to provide a great workplace for our associates; and to respect, support, and invest in the local communities where we operate. For more information, please visit www.pepsico.com.


  1. É como eles fizeram aqui no Brasil com a Morena Leite e as batatinhas sensações.
    Fui no evento lá no Capim Santo. No post tem o link para o blog que ela está comandando.

  2. Alexandra GambaroJune 22, 2011 at 8:05 AM

    Alexandra, bom dia!
    Apenas um detalhe: a parceria anunciada não foi com a marca Pepsi, mas sim com a empresa PepsiCo (dona da Pepsi, mas também da Elma Chips, Coqueiro, Lays, Quaker, etc)
    É difícil de entender essa parceria mesmo... vamos aguardar pra ver o resultado! Mas acredito que no mínimo ganharemos salgadinhos com sabores mais artesanais!:)


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